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Design your dream ride with Just Ride It.

Just Ride It offers a quality range of single speed and fixed geared bikes that are designed and built to your specifications. We supply lightweight, single gear bikes that have advanced aerodynamic abilities. Our Balaclava bike store delivers custom fixies that incorporate clean lines and vintage aesthetics.

Just Ride It

Over the past five years, Just Ride It has established a reputation for excellence and a solid client base in Australia. Based in Balaclava , we design the best single speed bikes in the country. We set the industry benchmark for both quality and versatility. Our single geared bikes are made from industrial-grade materials to the highest industry standard.

Single Speed & Custom Fixed Gear Bikes for Sale

Just Ride It provide access to the best fixed gear and single speed bikes on the market. Our custom fixes are precision engineered to offer the perfect balance of speed, power and handling. They offer advanced aerodynamics and high vertical compliance. All of our single gear bikes can be customised to suit your preferences. With exclusive access to a vast array of products and parts, we can easily reproduce your dream ride. Make sure to check out our online shop for ideas and to get your creative juices flowing!

We also provide the best array of single speed and fixed gear bike parts. From coloured fixie tyres to alloy platform pedals, we supply a range of spare parts that can be purchased online.

Contact our store

If you would like to find out more about the custom fixie bikes for sale at Just Ride It, please feel free to drop by our Balaclava shop. You can also get in touch by calling us on 1300 7433 48 or sending an email to

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