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One year after the launch of Suomy's first cycling helmet, Suomy introduced its brand new and innovative SFERA model.
The newborn helmet, made by the Italian designer Spa, represents technological evolution. It appears as a closed helmet but, developed in the wind tunnel, allows a ventilation system of high quality and great performance, without interference on the leading surface, even in extreme conditions.
The powerful rear openings work as air extractors, keeping the rider's head well ventilated and drier than other brands.

Wind-Tunnel Tested - Ventilation without Drag

Striking Visibility

Minimum Contact, Maximum Comfort
The Suomy Minimum Contact System (SMC System), creates a gap between the head and the helmet, which guarantees maximum comfort.

Sunlight Peak
It is possible to equip the helmet with a special peak, to protect from sunlight. Easy to assemble and remove and designed to plug in the sunglasses during the race, and able to make this product a versatile helmet.

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