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What is a fixie?

Fixie or fixed gear bikes do not have the ability to coast. The rear wheel and pedals are “fixed” together, when one moves so does the other, in either direction. You cannot stop pedalling whilst the bike is in motion.


What is a single speed?

Single speed bikes offer the simplicity and reliability of a fixie, but allow coasting through the use of a freewheel. You can stop pedalling whilst the bike is moving.


What is a flip-flop hub?

A flip-flop hub has a cog on both sides of the rear wheel. This allows the wheel to be removed, flipped over and reinstalled to use the other cog. Usually one side is threaded for a freewheel and the other side for a fixed gear cog. This allows people to start with a single speed bike and later turn it into a fixie or vice versa. Simply put, a flip-flop hub means you have both a fixed gear and single speed bike.


Why one gear?

Simplicity, there is very little to go wrong with a single speed bike. With a typical multi-geared bike, one knock in the wrong place could see your derailleur out of alignment causing skipping gears, jumping chains and a trip to the local bike shop for a service. This is simply not the case with just one gear. Single speed bikes are great for commuters and city dwellers who need a reliable mode of transport without the fear of needing frequent servicing.


What about hills?!

Most people think they need gears for hills. In reality most riders can conquer the average gradient with just a little extra effort on a single speed bike. As a custom shop we can gear the bike to suit your needs if gradients are a common occurrence.


How will my bike be delivered?

Your bike will be delivered by a courier of our choice dependant on where you’re located. The bike will be 90% built and require only basic assembly. We always recommend a bicycle mechanic completes the build to ensure a safe bike. In the event of any warranty claims proof of professional assembly is required.


Who builds my bike?

All bikes are hand-built in either Melbourne or Perth. We complete the entire build before disassembling and boxing the bike. This ensures any manufacturing defects or issues are found before it gets into your hands.


Do you make bikes with a step-through frame?

Currently we do not offer step-through frames as a standard option. However, we may be able to specially source one for you. Contact us for more info and pricing.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal and zipMoney payments. EFT payment is also possible, please contact us if this is your prefered payment method.



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