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Jack the Bike Rack

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JACK is a universal-fit front bicycle rack that securely straps to almost any bike, offering a straightforward solution to carrying your things with you while you ride. A ‘Rack of all Trades’, JACK fits to your bike with a tool-free strap system, requiring no special bicycle frame or fork, no specialist equipment and no bike maintenance skills.

JACK’s frame is made from a single piece of cold formed 304 Stainless Steel rod. 304 Stainless is stronger and more durable than regular steel or aluminium. It's also rust resistant, so your JACK will go as long as you do!

Weight (including retention strap, 'M' load strap, material base and 31.8mm spacers): 700g

Height 230mm, Width 225mm, Length, 280mm

It’s officially rated for 5KG* however we know it is capable of much much more.

*Rating is given based on bike handling, not product failure testing.


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