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Liability & Warranty



Congratulations on your new purchase and joining the Just Ride It family! Before you dive in we wanted to provide you with some crucial information that will affect warranty and your safety if not followed correctly so please read this carefully.


  1. Ensure that your bike is ONLY built by a registered bicycle mechanic, failing to do so will void your warranty and make it extremely unsafe to operate your bike safely, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. JRI Fixed PTY LTD is not liable for any damages to the bike and parts if the bike is not built by a certified bicycle mechanic. You must also provide the receipt from said bicycle on any work done.
  2. Bicycles built by a certified bicycle mechanic and in which a receipt can be provided from works done, standard warranty periods apply.
  3. We recommend you operate your bicycle in a safe manner and follow all of your country and states laws and guidelines including helmet wearing at all times. Any injury sustained while riding one of our bicycles will not be our liability or responsibility.
  4. Be safe on your bike, get it built correctly by a certified bicycle mechanic and enjoy yourself!


Just ride it,



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