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Paul Cross Levers

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The Cross Lever is an inline brake designed for use on the flat upper section of drop handlebars. It can be used with short-pull or long-pull brakes and road bars.



  • Material
    6061 Aluminum
  • Weight
  • Finish
  • Anodized Color
    Black or Silver
  • Cable Pull
    Short Pull or Long Pull ↓ 
  • Clamp Size
     31.8mm ↓ 


By routing your existing brake cable and housing from your drop levers through the Cross Lever, you can have two sets of brake levers that allow you to control your speed from multiple hand positions.

The Cross Lever can also be used on its own: Just let the head of brake cable sit in the recess for the housing on the outside of the lever

The Cross Lever fits onto the thicker stem clamp area of handlebars, and a hinged clamp allows for installation without needing to strip your bar tape. A barrel adjuster makes it easy to fine tune your cable tension.

Two versions are available to fit handlebars with a stem clamp area diameter of 26.0mm or 31.8mm. Additionally, the hinged clamp of a 26.0mm Cross Lever is designed in a way that also allows it to mount securely on handlebars with a 25.4mm diameter stem clamp area.

Fully CNC’d construction gives them a solid feel in the hand, and they are designed to work with any kind of brake. The Cross Lever is both a Short Pull and a Long Pull lever, depending upon the position of the adjustable pivot.

The levers come with their pivot pins in the hole closest to the handlebar. This location is for short pull brakes: road calipers, center pull cantilever brakes, like our Racer, Racer Medium, Neo-Retro, and Touring Canti, and road mechanical disc brakes, like the short-pull Klamper.

Moving the pivot pin to the outer hole makes the levers compatible with long pull brakes, like our Motolites and the long-pull version of the Klamper.


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