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KMC Super K1 Track Chain

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One of the strongest and most durable chains on the market, perfect for fixed gear riders that put a lot of strain on their chains! We highly recommend.

Breaking records in chain strength and lightweight ratios for BMX bikes is the KMC K1 chain, one of the most popular chains in the world for riders that want an extremely strong chain that won't weight the bike down when the time comes to get some air.

Special design to the chain's plates keeps it in place, whilst the stretch proof pins use a new riveting process to "seal" the outer plate with an impressive 350kgs of pin power. This alone makes the KMC K1 one of the strongest chains in the world.



  • 1/2" x 1/8" - 112 Links
  • Chain Quick Link CL810
  • Patented K shaped chain plates enable the chain to withstand high impacts
  • High torsion strength
  • Special dynamic configuration plate
  • Stretch proof mushroomed pin, enhanced durability
  • Anti-drop design

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