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The Shuriken 4 Spoke

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Introducing the Shuriken (4 Spoke) wheel set from Stiffi Wheels, where elite performance meets sleek design. Crafted with the precision and stealth of the Japanese hidden dagger, these wheels are more than just accessories for your bike - they're a statement of power and agility.

Designed with the deadly efficiency of the Shuriken in mind, our engineers have created a wheel set that embodies speed, durability, and unrivaled performance. Each revolution is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every ride feels effortless and exhilarating.

The Shuriken wheel set isn't just about aesthetics; it's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels. Whether you're tearing through city streets or conquering the track, these wheels will propel you forward with the silent precision of a master assassin.

Experience the difference that the Shuriken wheel set can make on your ride. Join the ranks of elite cyclists who demand nothing but the best - choose Stiffi Wheels and unleash the silent but deadly power of the Shuriken.


A Stiffi Wheel proprietary mould and design

Rim: Toray 8 TopShelf 50mm UD (Weave options available) - First batch 6K
Spokes: 4 Aerodynamic NACA Aerofoil (Gauge 1.9mm)
Hubs: Stiffi Sealed NTN Japanese bearings / All Stiffi hub bodies
Track wheel thread with locking wheel thread +
Freewheel thread 
23.5mm Width
Clincher  / Presta valve hole
Stiffi Branded WHT Fade Logo TM
Basalt braking surface
Weight: F 725g R 885g (Track)
Rider Weight tested 130KG MBL
Tyre REC 700x 23-32c

We put all our wheels through extensive testing before release to ensure all forces have been considered. Forces include -

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