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Cocked Locked and Ready to Rock…

Cocked Locked and Ready to Rock…

…Team JRI are pleased to announce the latest evolution of the T-series, the new 2018 T6 LowPro.

The T-series was originally introduced in 2013 to a specific design criteria meant to offer many of the aerodynamic and handling advantages of a track bike without the commitment of an overly aggressive riding position.  The goal was to create a versatile design that could perform as well as a performance track bike as it could be comfortably and easily used as a daily commuter.

t6 low pro jrifixed

We continued to improve and evolve the T through 3 variants of T5 and the original T6 last year, refining each successive model over the past 4 years with improved componentry such as aero bullhorns, better brakes, and higher quality wheelsets, higher levels of finish with the addition of smooth welds and more durable paint finishes, and the addition of subtle features such as chain tensioners, extended dropouts and an integrated tapered headset tube.  The new T6 LowPro continues this evolution with our most radical design changes yet, a metallurgical change in the frameset material and the subtle addition of a LowPro frame geometry - effectively a skeleton change.  Featuring a new alloy frameset, this frame rides smoother than any previous T-series model while remaining stiff when compressed under drivetrain load.

t6 low pro track bike cheap fixie

To evolve the design, the JRI design team was looking for a more street-friendly ride without sacrificing the efficient drivetrain power transfer that only a stiff frame can provide. After evaluating numerous prototypes (and a couple of dead-end theories), we went to school on recent advancements in stress-strain analysis and vibrational frequency research by borrowing from the aerospace industry and Frankensteining our findings with what some of the highest-end boutique frame manufacturers in the bicycle industry have been doing recently (which is super-expensive btw).  The step-change “It’s alive!”-moment came with an adjustment in the base alloy of the frame.  Exchanging the frame material from 6061 to 6066-series alloy resulted in exactly what our designers were looking for.  The key difference with 6066-series aluminium is the metallurgical substitution and addition of copper (Cu) and silicon (Si) to the base alloy.  The copper has the effect of absorbing high frequency vibration increasing overall durability, while the silicon adds strength/stiffness when the alloy is compressed under load (like when you’re pounding watts into your drivetrain).  Ultimately, this gives the rider a better power transfer while absorbing high-frequency vibrations in the form of harsh road feedback from the frame/fork.

Visually, the new LowPro geometry stands out immediately and is a small design shift towards a riding position better suited for the track and competitive situations.  The T-series have all lent themselves well towards a high degree of customization in terms of seating position so regardless of where a rider lives on the spectrum of track vs. street the new T6 can easily accommodate a huge variation in preferences by simply adjusting stem and handlebar style/height in conjunction with saddle position.  The new LowPro geometry also looks pretty badass.

t6 low pro NYC

Matte black, aggressive aerodynamic visuals, Thickslicks… blah blah blah, we’ve kept all the things that customers have raved about over the past 4 years so you can be sure that the new T6 LowPro will continue to turn heads and generate subconscious nods of approval from roadside construction crews, dusted roadies and cute High Street retail staff alike.  The new T6 LowPro - smooth AND powerful, just like the designers intended - get one and make it uniquely yours.      

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