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The Grit frame reminds me of something a Japanese Samurai Era blacksmith would build if they were to build a bike, it looks like a Katana in bike form, an artisan build where great care has been given with the hand tig welding, overall design and finish of the bike.

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ARPANET launched in the US during 1960s, when the US defense force linked several super-computer sites across the country to ensure they would still operate in the event of a nuclear blast taking one out. Its effectiveness may be about to be tested if we are to believe the rumors currently circulating from Russia. Given the initial success of this network, large businesses, universities and government agencies, both US and foreign, began linking to the network to ease sharing of data and ideas and the internet as we know it was born. Fast forward just over 50 years and today...

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Check our new video, Just a bit of fun to kick the spring off, Featured Steve Atkinson as the VR rider, Dan Cox as the 2nd player. Huge thanks to Dylan Perry Productions for making this all work out. After being sat in traffic in the winter months hopefully this will inspire you to get out on the bike and have some full this summer.. Enjoy!  VR Fixed Gear Racing     Well if you didn't think that any good ideas could be concocted after 8 pints of Stella and 4 Jaeger-bombs, well time to think again. The boys from...

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