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A quick Google search for riding groups in Melbourne will give you numerous options to join one of those brightly coloured spandex mobs that imitate the peloton cruising down the Champs Elyse in late July. We all know the kind. That lot who sit cross-legged sipping on mochas outside coffee shops with the only hint of originality being the slight variations of pinks, yellows and luminous greens actively cutting off their circulation. The ones that discuss the most unnecessary gear to select from in their wide arsenal, to tackle the slight inclines Melbourne is notorious for, while comparing the effects their new brand of anti-chaffing cream has had.

If you would prefer not to look like you have just departed a Mardi Gras float and want to hang out with some cool people with respect for their image, get involved with Just Ride It’s rides. Every couple of weeks a cool bunch of individuals who discuss regular topics, wear normal people clothes and have a communal passion for riding, meet up with their unique single speed or fixie bikes, and as a group, check out some of the most awesome riding locations Melbourne has to offer. Check out the ‘our rides’ page for coverage of previous and info on upcoming events. Follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds for up to date ride info. Facebook: Justrideit.com.au. Instagram: @justrideit.

This year we want to advance on the already booming turnouts we have experienced, with the ultimate goal being to have a regular ride happening which boasts over 100 participants. With Melbourne’s weather finally starting to turn for the better, there really is no excuse to miss the next ride. Details of the next outing to be posted soon. All welcome, unless of course your bike contains more moving parts than a Swiss timepiece or your outfit would look apt at a Wiggles audition.

Alex ‘The’ Bruce

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