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New Website

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New Website

ARPANET launched in the US during 1960s, when the US defense force linked several super-computer sites across the country to ensure they would still operate in the event of a nuclear blast taking one out. Its effectiveness may be about to be tested if we are to believe the rumors currently circulating from Russia. Given the initial success of this network, large businesses, universities and government agencies, both US and foreign, began linking to the network to ease sharing of data and ideas and the internet as we know it was born.

Fast forward just over 50 years and today there is in excess of over 670 million daily users worldwide. While most of those users believe the internet is just a place where lots of naked ladies live, there are several who are maximizing the full potential the world wide web has to offer. Just Ride It’s newly refurbished site is a prime example, which has a new sleek design thanks to our newest addition to the team, Eva Daly, who has brought her design expertise and flair all the way from the Emerald Isle to Brunswick St.

The new design has been launched in time for summer and includes all our new goodies and range of summer rides to keep you coming back for more. One of the most popular new features is our ‘request a design’ page. This is where customers can make a simple concept a reality. All you need to do is upload any image/company logo/branding to the page and let our design team bring it to life in the form of a one of a kind, single speed, bike.

Another popular feature is our checkout. All you simply have to do is select one of the great bikes from our range, add your payment details and within 4 days you can ride your bike. Go on, test it out. If for some strange reason you cannot see a bike that tickles your fancy, then tell us what you want and we will build it.

Alex ‘The’ Bruce

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