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The commute - Is this you?

The commute - Is this you?

2km Melbourne commute by car:

7:00am Jump in the car. Wife has changed the radio station and seat position. 7:08am happy with alterations, finally attempt to pull into traffic with the frustrating knowledge the delay has meant the traffic has tripled. 7:16am Someone finally let's me out. Red light.

7.17am - 7.28am 1km covered, 2nd gear reached twice, 7 red lights, cut off 4 times. Shouted at 8 other drivers even though they can't hear me. Become frustrated because nobody else can drive properly. Road down to 1 lane for roadworks. Get even more frustrated because nobody is working.

7.29am Pull into servo, gasp at price of unleaded and continue to put a small fortune in the tank.

7.41am Rejoin even worst traffic. Push it at an 'amber' light only to see the dreaded camera flash in the mirrors.

8.15am Eventually reach car park and scrap bumper on kerb, will need mending. Pay $60 for the privilege.

8:21am Arrive at work a wreck.


2km Melbourne commute by bike:

7:40am Jump on bike and join cycle lane.

7:53am Arrive at work refreshed.


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