VR Fixed Gear Racing - JustRideIt Bikes Melbourne
VR Fixed Gear Racing - JustRideIt Bikes Melbourne

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VR Fixed Gear Racing - JustRideIt Bikes Melbourne

Check our new video, Just a bit of fun to kick the spring off, Featured Steve Atkinson as the VR rider, Dan Cox as the 2nd player. Huge thanks to Dylan Perry Productions for making this all work out.

After being sat in traffic in the winter months hopefully this will inspire you to get out on the bike and have some full this summer.. Enjoy!

 VR Fixed Gear Racing



Well if you didn't think that any good ideas could be concocted after 8 pints of Stella and 4 Jaeger-bombs, well time to think again. The boys from Just ride it have concocted this little nugget that shows exactly what's achievable riding round the streets of Melbourne instead of being stopped at every possible turn in nose to tail traffic which appears not to have moved in days in a virtual reality street riding challenge.

All elements of street riding are taken into account in this game. Take on your friends in this head to head masterpiece which rewards riders putting everything at risk. Gain much required boosts from riding regularly in designated cycle lanes, overtaking slow moving taxis and beating 100s of squashed commuters by cruising past over-congested trams. Rumours have that future versions will include random drivers turning left without indication giving surprised cyclists little chance to avoid and a special bonus for surviving the dooring gauntlet that is Chapel St in rush hour.

No stone has been left unturned in the creation of this game. To secure your copy just bring $5,000 to JRI headquarters. Alternatively, if you want to really see what Melbourne is like when you dominate the traffic on a bike, get into the shop and get yourself a bike to experience the phenomenon for real!

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Alex ‘The’ Bruce


  • Adam Leader

    Best short film I’ve seen this year! Weldone

  • Tim

    Yes! I want this game! But makes me want a bike now :)

  • James Willis

    Soooo coooool guys. Good work

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